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Septic System Inspections & Certifications, Parker County, TX

Septic Inspections & Certifications in Poolville, Weatherford, Azle, Springtown, Peaster & Nearby Areas

Complete Septic & Sanitation Service is an experienced and licensed septic system inspector for the state of Texas. We offer thorough, professional septic tank inspections and certifications for real estate transactions within the counties of Wise, Tarrant, Palo Pinto, Jack, and Parker. With over 20 years of industry expertise, we are highly skilled at identifying any current and potential problems with your septic system. We’re also able to provide locating and pumping services if needed. If we discover any issues during the septic inspection, we will review our findings with you and provide solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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Our Certified Septic Inspections Satisfy Texas State Escrow Requirements

Complete Septic & Sanitation Service is licensed to inspect and certify both standard gravity flow systems and aerobic septic systems. Our professional septic inspections include a thorough and detailed evaluation of your entire septic system, including the septic tank, components, and drain field. Upon completion of your septic inspection, we provide a full written report and certification document that outlines the condition of the system at the time of inspection. This report can then be used to fulfill Texas escrow regulations that require a licensed inspection of properties with septic systems.

Residential and commercial septic tank inspections typically include:

  • Checking the septic tank for deterioration, leaks, and cracks
  • Septic lid inspection
  • Inspection of inlet/outlet tees, sewage lines, and cleanout covers
  • Drain field/leach field inspection

For aerobic systems, we test the proper operation of pumps, floats, and control panel. For gravity flow systems, we conduct a water flow test and camera inspection of the drain field

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Give Complete Septic & Sanitation Service a call today to schedule a licensed septic inspection and real estate certification anywhere in Poolville, Weatherford, Azle, Springtown, Peaster and the greater north-central Texas region. We keep our prices highly competitive and remain committed to providing fast and responsive service, exemplary workmanship, and personalized attention to every client. In addition to septic system inspections and certifications, we also offer locating, pumping/cleaning, and repair services as well as affordable “locate-dig-pump” packages.

Customer Reviews

So Responsive and Professional

I had the pleasure of working with Greg and his team to pump and certify a septic tank during my escrow period. Greg was extremely responsive during the entire process and he and his guys got the job done in a flash. I will definitely use them again when my septic tank is due for pumping in a couple of years. Thank you for being so responsive and professional through this whole process.

Tiffany N. Via Yelp Testimonial

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Able to Provide a Certificate in a Timely Manner

Very professional. Greg came out right away to fix the septic issues that were overlooked by a previous inspection. He was able to provide a certificate in a timely manner as well. Will definitely use this company again.

Marie K. Via Yelp Testimonial

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Very Responsive to My Requests

Greg was very responsive to my requests for septic pump and certification. Being out of town and not able to be there at my rental, Greg was able to work around that. On the day of the job, he was on time and explained over the phone when the work was completed and provided me with the certificate on a timely basis.

Reena V. Via Yelp Testimonial

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